Integrated Management Policy

Quality, Environment Information Security

“Your health the reason that moves us”

Semesur, S.A.U. company specialized in medical care and transportation in health services in its different modalities, firmly between excellence, with the main objective of promoting safe and effective development in its management and respond to all and each of the needs and expectations of your customers.

To this end, the direction of Semesur, S.A.U. it is engaged to implement and maintain an integral quality and environmental management system that guarantees the highest levels of satisfaction in all our services, to guarantee the maximum protection from our information assets against any deliberated or no deliberated event of invasion; as well as to guarantee: the confidentiality, the integrity and the availability of the information; whose scope is the management, medical care and transportation in health care services.

    For that the following principles are established on which this comprehensive quality policy is based that should serve all our staff as guide and reference framework in the development of their daily activity:
  • The staff of Semesur, S.A.U. as the main engine of excellence. We encourage its participation in the fulfillment of the legal objectives, as well as quality and environmental, by making direct participants in the improvement of the system and establishing for them continuous training plans, achieving in this way the maximum qualification for the performance of their tasks. As well as, to hold the personnel responsible for the assets of information that it manages.
  • The direction of Semesur, S.A.U. it is fully engaged with the principles that enforce this integrated management system, by supporting the changes necessary for achieve the excellence and putting in its all the necessary resources.
  • To obtain from our customers the maximum satisfaction, by understanding and meeting all your needs and requirements, keeping at all times the maximum confidentiality.
  • To ensure at all times for the compliance with the legal, policy and regulatory requirements applicable to our activity.
  • Promote actions to the environmental sustainability of all used resources, and the adequate management of residues generated by our activity.

Semesur, S.A.U. uses the risk assessment methodology in all its processes, in order to prevent possible deviations or non-conformities of the implanted integral management system.

As a result of all the above, quality in service is improved in a continuous way, using for them the latest technological progress in all our services as a permanent adequacy and perfection of our human resources. All under an environment of motivation and implication that is distinguished by its professionals.

This policy is a reference framework for reviewing and periodically assessing the degree of adequacy of our system to the established objectives and goals, which are available to all interested parties.