16 - April - 2017


When we draw cholesterol we imagine that it is only adults who have high cholesterol, but it is not. Half of the adult population in Spain has high cholesterol, according to a study, not only affects adults but also in Spanish youth.

    The 5 main keys to lowering cholesterol are:
  • Reduce the consumption of animal fats by forgetting foods high in fats, such as sausage, salami, mortadella etc. ... Avoid milk and dairy products as they contain saturated fats and cholesterol.
  • The fiber. It is an important option to include foods rich in soluble fiber. As for example in flakes of oats, seeds of flax, psyllium, barley or legumes.
  • More exercise. Do more cardiovascular exercise for at least 90 minutes a day. The most complete exercises for this case are walking, cycling, rowing, swimming and walking tapes.
  • Change the routine. One of the most convenient options is to try different exercises to keep you motivated, to mobilize other muscles, to avoid muscular overload and to enjoy physical activity.
  • The technology. Currently there are numerous applications that can provide us with information on how to perform exercises to take care of our health. In addition people with cholesterol are warned that if during the year pains, pressure etc ... in the chest should be consulted with a specialist in the case of wanting to carry out sport frequently.
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