Semesur Assistance's operational Centre: always prepared
18 - October - 2019

Semesur Assistance's operational Centre: always prepared

We have a highly trained team that works with state-of-the-art technology to provide the best medical service

Semesur Assistance is a leading company in medical assistance services. For more than 20 years, we have treated thousands of patients quickly and efficiently. We have managed transfers, carried out repatriations or organized assistance for international events. The success of these services is thanks to the work of our operations center.

Our experience is our strongest asset. Far from making us traditional, our experience has enriched us and allows us to speed up each of the steps of the different protocols. In fact, the design of our operations center is the result of our knowledge in the field. The team is currently formed by the medical area, operational area, clients department and provider’s area. Each one of them relies on highly qualified team. The hierarchical structure of the departments is also aimed to increase the efficiency of the services delivered. The coordinators and supervisors are responsible of the assessment and verification of the services performed. They solve any daily contingency, an added value to our strengths.

As we offer medical assistance services globally, it is essential to carry out a previous job in order to be prepared when a patient requires an emergency. This is the task of the clients department and the provider department. During years, we have selected a wide range of collaborators and medical providers in order to be able to rely on local service and agents anywhere in the world. Our preparation is the main resource to avoid the search on the go in any country in the world.

Exactly the same happens with clients and insurers: each one has its own particular way of working and response towards the insured. Thanks to the work of the clients department, at Semesur Assistance the preferences and conditions of each of our clients are integrated in our system, to avoid human mistakes.

In addition to having an outstanding human team, Semesur Assistance's operational headquarters works continuously with the latest technology and has its own software, made according to the demand for the perfect service. Likewise, as we have our own software and IT team we can easily adapt to new needs of customers and suppliers.

All this technology gives us maximum security and tracking in terms of data recording, as well as the best response time and attention to services. An example of this is the preparation of medical reports: a form is issued from the operational center that goes directly to the smartphone or tablet of the treating doctor. The physician only has to fill in the report from his mobile phone to send it through a highly secure protocol to our operational center.

How does the operational center work?

Our team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is continuously operational. As soon as we receive a call or request for service, the first step is taken, is to evaluate whether it is urgent or scheduled assistance. This is essential to know how and when a patient needs care. In the case of an emergency, on many occasions our doctors decide on the need for the patient to be treated immediately, through a brief questionnaire in which the doctor and the patient interact, asking about their current symptomatology.

Call center de Semesur Assistance

Your answer will allow us to establish the priority and symptomatology, as well as perform a basic triage through our medical service. Likewise, our doctors will establish a direct connection with the patient in the event that the service requires it due to its complexity and will specify the type of care required.

At this point our assistance department comes into action. They are responsible for managing the most appropriate care, depending on the needs of the patient with the means available in the patient´s location. It is not the same situation of a patient in the center of Berlin than the need of medical assistance in the middle of the desert of Tabernas, Almeria. This department analyzes the situation and implements the best possible service.

Once the service is activated, we start with the follow-up chapter. Obviously, we will make the different medical reports and maintain direct contact with the doctor who is with the patient.

In all this process the excellent command of several languages is one of our main advantages. Semesur Assistance offers services anywhere in the world, which is why our case managers work with several languages and it is possible that in the same service up to three or four translations of the same report have to be carried out.

Whether it is in Spanish, English or Portuguese, the operational center terminates the service when the patient has reached the final destination and his/her medical urgency or scheduled care is fully resolved with a final medical report.

This technical and human team is at your disposal for medical assistance through your medical insurance, your travel insurer or directly by contacting us on the 24-hour assistance telephone (+34) 91 10 10 900, completing the form in ASK QUOTE so that we can call you or CONTACT.

As you can see, there are several ways to contact us, but the goal is only one: we are always ready to help you!