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09 - September - 2019

Specialist doctors who will help you after the summer

Our habits suffer radical changes in September that directly affect our state of health

The arrival of September and especially the end of summer is one of the most important turning points of the year. We go from a state of relaxation and a holiday’s climate to an important stress as a consequence of the return to work, the implementation of new projects or the return to school or studies, in the case of children and young people. Logically, this contrast is reflected in our body and directly affects our health.

At this time of year, there are usually radical changes in our habits, but we are not always talking about negative variations. On the contrary, with the end of the summer we tend to return to healthier routines that we had left behind during the warmer months of July or August.

With this in mind, from SEMESUR ASSISTANCE we encourage you to carry out this 'start-up' advised by specialists who can ideally help you approach the autumn and winter months with the greatest guarantees. In addition, it is just as important to comply with the doctors' guidelines as it is to monitor the evolution of our health with the advised analytics.

The general practitioner, dermatologist, nutritionist, dentist, psychologist, ophthalmologist and otolaryngologist are highly recommended appointments with the arrival of September. Their diagnosis is fundamental to see the state in which our health has remained after the excesses of the holidays.

Perhaps the first step should be to visit our usual GP, because thanks to different tests, could serve as a first filter to recover good habits that we have forgotten.

The skin is usually one of the most punished organs during the summer. The dermatologist is the specialist who will tell us if we have taken the necessary measures during exposure to the sun or if we should take some kind of measure to repair the most affected areas of our body.

Precisely the most popular elements of summer, chlorine or salt water are agents that also significantly affect our eyesight. Proof of this is that the number of conjunctivitis increases during those months. A review of our eyes by the ophthalmologist is essential when we return to work.

There are many myths about dieting and exercising at year-end, but the reality is that the main purposes for change occur at the end of the summer. Obviously, it is essential to carry out a series of analyses and measurements by a nutritionist who advises us on the best way to redirect our eating habits.

In this case, the nutritionist should be followed by the dentist, because the bad routines in our diet have been accompanied by an oversight in our oral hygiene habits. There have been many meals that have been made outside our home, and logically this affects our gastrointestinal tract.

September is a month in which psychologist appointment bookings increase. This is the result of the most abrupt change that occurs at this time of year. We went from a sedentary state to an activation forced by the return to work occupations. The famous post-vacation depression can become a more serious problem than we think if it is not treated by a specialist.

Finally, check our ears and especially the ears of children is essential to relieve annoying otitis. In fact, the otolaryngologist is one of the specialists who has more work during the summer months, since the high temperatures mixed with the swimming pools or the sea cause numerous infections. Children under 24 months are a group especially sensitive to these ailments.

You already know that you will be able to access the entire hospital network of SEMESUR ASSISTANCE and our specialists through your medical insurance, your travel insurance or directly, contacting us on the 24-hour assistance telephone (+34) 91 10 10 900, completing the form so that we can call you or requesting a quote directly by telephone.

As you can see, there are several ways to contact us, but the goal is only one: your health.