The protein of athletes
28 - April - 2017

The protein of athletes

The protein has several physiological functions that are important for your performance and for your health.

We can find great sources of protein in meat, fish and dairy products. Even in vegetable products such as legumes and soy products.

The fashion of protein shakes among athletes, is based on the fact that the body can only convert the training stimulus into muscle if enough protein is added.

So it is usually advised to use these shakes right after physical activity, since apart from helping the muscle reconstruction, it helps the recovery of our body.

The recommended consumption of proteins is between 1 and 1.16 grams per kilogram of weight and day.

We must also add, that excess of protein can have negative effects on health because they cause a decrease in PH, that leads the body to deploy mechanisms that can alter metabolism, liver and renal functions, as well as bone descalcification.

So we must ask advice from a professional who knows how to recommend what kind of protein we need and how much.

And do not forget, that we will not be able to gain muscle mass alone with the intake of shakes.

Why?, because there are powdered proteins for different purposes: weight loss, muscle gain, weight gain...

If you feel any of these negative effects, you can request that one of our medical specialists visit you at home.